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The Cardinal Experience

In times of cardinal loss, could little red birds actually be ...

The Cardinal Experience.com is dedicated to all who have suffered the loss of a loved one and asked for a sign of hope from above.

The cardinal project was inspired by a sign of hope, which came literally in the form of a little red bird, from above. Cardinals have a long symbolic history of visiting those who are saddened by loss, in particular, a cardinal loss. Through a series of visits from a small red cardinal, the answers to many painful questions about living life, after death began to unfold and so this site came to be, a sharing experience of Love, Hope & Cardinal Cheer!

Visit this Angel Web Site... http://www.thecardinalexperience.com
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Orlando, Florida, - United States,
Added 2012/05/30 | Updated 2017/11/05
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Visit this Angel Web Site... http://www.thecardinalexperience.com

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